Energy Work


Flower essences are gentle gifts of healing from Nature. Now, essences are made not just from flowers, but also from natural formations, such as stones or glaciers or volcanoes, from animals (usually fur or a feather), or from natural phenomena, such as the aurora borealis. Each of these aspects of Nature carries a unique vibrational pattern for healing that is infused into a liquid when an essence is made.


Essences can help your animal companion through behavioral and emotional issues to well-being. They work by gently allowing the animal’s (or human’s) energy system to resonate with the positive vibrational pattern offered by the essence. Essences are very safe to use; there are no side effects. If an essence is not needed, then it just has no effect. You cannot overdose on them. They do not interfere with medications such as prescription drugs or homeopathic remedies, nor are they affected themselves by these treatments.

Most animals respond remarkably well and quickly with essences. I trained and became a Practitioner with Alaskan Essences. I also work with Flower Essence Service (FES), Desert Alchemy, and Healing Herbs/Bach essences.


Reconnective Healing energy consists of a number of different energies. It is something like a bumped-up Reiki (Japanese for “universal life force energy”), an ancient Tibetan Buddhist healing energy rediscovered by Mikao Usui in the 1800’s. Reconnective Healing was brought in by Dr. Eric Pearl. As a shakti, or intelligent energy, Reconnective Healing goes where it is needed most, working on all the aspects of the body, the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, to help bring into balance whatever is out of balance. I always feel a wonderful sense of well-being when I run this energy. When I do energy work on issues that show up in the body, it is now my energy of choice. As a Practitioner in Reconnective Healing, I offer it in blocks of three, 30-minute sessions, long-distance. You can learn more at

I am also a Practitioner in Chinese Energetic Medicine, Yuen Method. Chinese Energetic Medicine works by clearing blocks in the energy system, allowing chi to run more smoothly in the body, thus restoring balance. There are times when Chinese Energetic Medicine may be the more appropriate energy to use in a session. It can be directed to help release specific blocks.