About Carla


Animal communication has led me on quite a journey. I have always loved animals, and have been fascinated by them. Studying the biological sciences in college seemed like the thing to do. Though I have a great respect for science, explanations within it were lacking for experiences that I have had since childhood. Once I left school, I found some answers within the burgeoning psychic community of Berkeley in the 70’s. Eventually, I found my way to animal communication. I have been a professional since 1997.


Animal communication has been the basis for so much: my continued exploration of the unseen world of energy and intuition, of what constitutes healing, of the mysteries of death and beyond (a particular interest of mine), and of our spiritual natures. This rich work has served to deepen my understanding of who the creatures are that share our lives and our planet. It has allowed me insight into why our animals are with us and how we can honor and serve each other. That is what I hope to impart in what I offer my clients.


I share my household with two endearing cats, Chloe and Teo. When I’m not playing with them, I’m playing with fire and light and molten glass, creating glass beads. I also paint. Art is my other passion.



A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.  

— Groucho Marx