Animal Communication

Animal communication is contact with an animal in present time through the use of the intuitive skill of telepathy. It is mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart connection and exchange. Our animals have thoughts and feelings, wants and needs, as we do, as any of us with animals have noticed. Animal communication can give us a window into the mysterious minds and lives of our animals. Our animals can be some of our greatest teachers and healers, and animal communication can help us understand how and why our animals grace our lives. I can’t think of an animal that has not been delighted to be contacted in this way.


When I contact an animal, I am tuning into the unique energetic imprint of that animal. All living beings have one. I am communicating with the animal’s personality and spirit. I can ask questions and receive answers. I may send a thought or a picture, and in return, receive an answer in words, pictures, feelings (both in the body and emotional), or a knowing. In this way, an animal can communicate his or her feelings, needs, and motivations.

There is no restriction in terms of distance, as animal communication is completely energetic. Virtually all the communication I do is over the phone, not in person, and with clients all over the world. I work with both companion and farm animals of many different species. As you can imagine, each species is different from one another, with their own unique concerns and ways of being.

Telepathy is natural for all of us. It is what animals use to silently communicate amongst themselves. For many of us humans, this way of communication and other forms of intuition were socialized out of us from an early age. It is my belief that almost anyone can reawaken their innate intuitive skills with focus and practice, and a good class or two. I encourage you to explore your intuition, especially with animal communication.